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Why Does Women's Clothing Have to Be So Uncomfortable?

In today's fashion landscape, women's clothing often comes with an unwelcome price—discomfort. The pursuit of physical attractiveness and stylish trends sometimes leads to clothing that causes pain, restricts movement, and disrupts focus. At St Vesti, we believe that fashion should be empowering, comfortable, and reflective of individuality. In this article, we delve into groundbreaking research conducted by The Body and Media Lab at Northwestern University, shedding light on the unequal burden of discomfort faced by women in fashion. Join us as we explore the importance of comfort, confidence, and modesty in women's clothing.

The Burden of Discomfort

The saying "beauty is pain" has long been ingrained in society, suggesting that women must endure discomfort to achieve attractiveness. However, this extends beyond occasional discomfort to everyday attire. The research reveals that women are significantly more likely than men to wear clothing that causes pain, distractions, and restrictions. At St Vesti, we advocate for fashion that prioritises comfort and wellness, debunking the myth that style requires sacrifice. One of the significant gender disparities in clothing comfort is related to footwear. Women are between three and 10 times more likely than men to wear shoes that cause pain, discomfort, or blisters. The popularity of high heels, which often emphasize form over function, contributes to this issue. At St Vesti, we emphasise footwear that balances style and comfort, allowing women to confidently stand, walk, or run without compromising their well-being.

The Psychological Impact

Beyond the physical discomfort, wearing painful, distracting, or restricting clothing has psychological consequences. Both men and women who wore such clothing reported spending more time engaging in "body surveillance," constantly monitoring their appearance to others. Body surveillance is associated with body image struggles, eating disorder symptoms, and depression. At St Vesti, we believe that clothing should promote self-confidence and body acceptance, not exacerbate negative feelings.

The Balance of Comfort and Style

Women's fashion has the power to be both comfortable and stylish. At St Vesti, we curate a collection that blends fashion-forward designs with functional comfort. From clothing that lets you move freely to breathable fabrics that support your well-being, we believe that true style embraces both physical and mental comfort.

Embracing Modesty and Elegance

Modesty is not synonymous with frumpy or dull. At St Vesti, we redefine modesty as a celebration of elegance, grace, and self-respect. Our collection features tasteful designs that allow women to express their uniqueness without compromising on comfort. Embrace clothing that represents your values and fosters an aura of confidence and dignity.

The Choice to Look Good and Feel Good

Comfort and style need not be mutually exclusive. Women should not have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of appearance. At St Vesti, we encourage women to choose clothing that empowers them and allows them to feel good about themselves. Confidence and comfort are the cornerstones of true beauty.


At St Vesti, we stand by the belief that women's fashion should prioritise comfort, confidence, and modesty. The research highlights the significance of embracing clothing that supports well-being and mental health. Fashion designers have the power to create attire that celebrates both physical and psychological comfort, allowing women to express their individuality without sacrificing comfort. Choose to wear clothing that empowers and celebrates your unique beauty, making comfort an essential part of your personal style. Let St Vesti be your partner on the journey to redefine fashion with comfort, confidence, and modesty. Shop the look now and embark on a new era of empowering and comfortable fashion.

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